City tips from people like you

There are many platforms where you can get consumer generated recommendations for sightseeing, shopping and restaurants. However, many of these tips are useless as they are from tourists who don’t really know the city or are from people who have completely different tastes or travel budget.

Our Client, Whisperocity, has a developed an app that approaches travel tips in an ingenious new way. The app works similar to a dating app, which means you only get tips from locals who match your profile.

As part of the relaunch of the Whisperocity app and the optimization of the customer journey, we not only redesigned the website, we also produced video content that explains the uniqueness of Whisperocity.

To dramatize the benefit of the app, we filmed ‘city whisperers’ in London and Vienna. The video is shot using a split-screen to seamlessly dramatize the dialogue between the London and Vienna ‘whisperers’. Optical connecting elements are buildings, roads, parapets or shop windows. Not only does this create a rich mosaic of visual impressions, it also shows what connects the people of both cities.

Despite the very low budget, an engaging high-quality film was produced. That’s because Page 84’s in-house video unit provides concepting, scripting, direction, filming and post-production. All bundled together and with a simple workflow process. A great way for Clients to save time and money, without sacrificing quality and creativity.