Glem vital – digital butterfly moments

Glem vital was founded in 1972 and is the most popular shampoo brand in Austria. From the very beginning, being close to nature is an essential brand value. The butterfly, symbolising this value, has been a part of the brand identity from the beginning.

With a new above-the-line campaign created by Graller Werbung, the butterfly takes on a new dimension. The focus is on “butterfly moments”, these are the big – but especially the little -moments with the family, which you will remember later in life.

For the entire digital campaign, we brought the butterfly moments to life. We designed a new website for Glem vital, which puts a clear focus on these moments. In doing so, we want to give consumers ideas to experience butterfly moments with their family. The inspirations range from tips for plaiting braids, family paper plane World Cup to the best spas for families.

Of course, the butterfly moments are also reflected on Facebook. Our postings aim to generate traffic for the Glem vital website. The concept of the website is to give consumers the opportunity to dive into the Glem vital brand world.