Laufen – Art Documentary

In the 1960s, ceramic symposium was held in Gmunden, which attracted worldwide attention.

The symposium was conducted under the direction of Kurt Ohnsorg, the outstanding ceramic artist of his time, and Conrad Ohnsorg, the then CEO of ÖSPAG – the modern day Laufen. Together with Laufen, we produced an extensive and comprehensive video series, dedicated to highlighting this rich and important piece of Austrian art history.

In addition to the past, we drew a link to the present in the documentary. We achieved this by showcasing the importance of the digital ceramic art presented at the 2018 Laufen Symposium in Gmunden and shooting at the Laufen Showroom at its opening to highlight the importance of the art project „Luna Lander“.

A total of 30 videos were created, capturing Laufen’s unique history and aspiring future.

Kunde: Laufen   •   Regie: Patrick Tichy, Thomas Schmid   •   Kamera: Patrick Tichy   •   Schnitt: Patrick Tichy