ÖKGV – a community platform

The ÖKGV, founded in 2017, is Austria’s first association to hold national and state championships for amateur cooks. The website concept we created and developed involved several tasks with varying customer journeys.

The first important task was to help members navigate the website easily. Our content strategy was to highlight the advantages of membership and direct them to a fast and simple registration process.

In addition, the website of the ÖKGV is a real content platform in the form of a culinary magazine. The online sections include recipes, culinary travelogues, events and information on wines. Give the importance of mobile, we had to find an appealing format that also allows visitors a great mobile reading experience.

The third – and maybe even the most crucial – was communicating the importance of the state and the nationwide championships. The registration process for these events is much more complex because, among other things, menu suggestions with photos of the dishes are required for registration. We needed a journey that made this as simple as possible for users.

The high number of page views and the high average session for duration of the show, on the one hand, that our objective of creating an engaging online consumer culinary magazine had been achieved. On the other hand, the high conversion rate for registrations for the state championships proves that the customer journey developed had also been successful.