Nicole Wesner is “our Dancing Star”!

Nicole is an extraordinary woman. After spending many years in marketing she discovered her true passion, boxing. Soon after, she was a professional boxing champion. Since 2014 she has been the undefeated world champion, a title she holds to this day.

“All this is no coincidence”, as Bernhard Rabl, Head of Sports and Lifestyle of the digital agency page 84, knows. “I’ve known Nicole for years, starting at my time at ORF productions where I created and produced the YOGA magazine. Her determination and her endurance make her not only an exceptional athlete, she also knows what she wants and goes for it without fear or hesitation; whether it be as a certified yoga teacher, keynote speaker or boxer. It is also no coincidence that page 84 is accompanying Nicole on her journey as she sees these same qualities in our agency when tackling her communication and sponsorship needs.”

The question is of course justified: how can a digital agency such as page 84 support Nicole Wesner? Thomas Schmid, Creative Director of page 84:

“We understand Nicole as a brand. Our job as an agency is to work out the brand essence of Nicole and present it to the public. Nicole stands for a modern self-confident women; a women that has entered and conquered the traditionally men’s world of boxing. This makes Nicole very attractive to many companies who want to recharge their brands with Nicole’s brand attributes. “

page 84 supports Nicole in her public relations work in digital media and in with the acquisition of brand sponsors. With Dancing Stars, Nicole now climbs up another rung on the popularity ladder. As a “Dancing Star”, she will gain enormous popularity and become even more interesting for companies and their brand development.

Nicole Wesner: “I still have many ambitious goals to achieve. With the digital agency page 84, I have a communications professional in my corner who understands me, my goals, and knows exactly how to help me reach them. “

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