Leo Hillinger Cosmetics on TV and online

During his appearance on puls4 show “2 minutes 2 million” on April 17, 2018, Leo Hillinger agreed to angel invest in, and launch, an organic beauty product line under the Hillinger brand name. The Leo Hillinger Cosmetics brand sells anti-aging beauty products that uses grapes as one of its core ingredients.

Being a seasoned marketer, Leo Hillinger knew these products would not sell themselves. That’s why he commissioned us to produce a traditional TV commercial and online video to launch the brand. The brief; make shore the genuine naturalness of the product is communicated in a clear and honest way.

To achieve this, we created a minimalist set design for the shoot. We chose real consumers as our testimonials. We did not work with a script but with a questionnaire to get spontaneous answers and natural reactions. In the end, we were able to choose from a variety of scenes and, similar to a modular system, “piece together” a spot that emanates naturalness and captures the joy our “models” had during the filming.

By the way: As big as Leo Hillinger brand name is, the production budget was that of a small startup company. This is possible because at page 84 we have transformed the TV and video production model; bring everything in-house. We have a full range of capabilities covering all production areas – from scripting, directing, camera operation to editing. Exactly the type of integrated offering you would expect from a modern online content Agency. One team, one process and one cost effective solution.