How “micro-influencers” trump “mega-influencers”

Micro-influencers are people with fewer than a thousand followers.

How can these people outdo influencers with 10,000 or more followers? We at page 84 rely on the power of the swarm. Instead of cooperating with a large influencer who makes two or three postings, we work with dozens of micro influencers throughout the year. With the same investment, we have a greater reach with our influencer swarm.

Our deli dip Instagram campaign takes full advantage of the organic reach of micro-influencers, significantly higher than that of influencers with thousands of followers.

The rules of the game for photos on Instagram: The photos match the season and show the micro-influencers with a pack of deli dip hummus. It is important to us that the photos look natural and authentic. The micro influencers produce the content every month.

The content will subsequently be posted on the deli dip Instagram channel as well as on the personal channel of the micro-influencer. Since the followers of the micro-influencers have a personal relationship to each other, the engagement on the personal channel is extremely high.

On average, one picture on the deli dip Instagram channel reaches 1,000 likes.

This increases the organic reach even further.

A small impactful micro-influencer campaign is also allows small brands – with small budgets – to run campaigns the year round.