“Full Life” with Guardian Connect from Medtronic

Medtronic is one of the largest medical technology companies in the world and the leader in diabetes, for example with insulin pumps.

In mid-2018, Medtronic launched a new product in Austria that brings real relief to Type 1 diabetes patients and allows patients to live their lives fully. The product innovation called “Guardian Connect” makes it possible to use the mobile phone to check its sugar levels live. These values can also be shared with pre-selected people ​​by mobile phone. This is of course a great help and real relief especially for parents of school-age children. In addition, the app has an alarm function, which rings, for example, at night, if the sugar levels of the patient are out of the norm.

To demonstrate what makes Guardian Connect so unique, we developed a campaign by page 84 that shows the glucose levels of individual diabetes 1 patients in real-time. We accompanied a musician, and an elementary student through the day and documented their daily routine with photo and film. At the same time, we collected all of the patient’s sugar levels provided by Guardian Connect that day.

On a website www.voll-leben-mit-diabetes.at, which was developed especially for the campaign, each visitor can virtually follow their day with the daily updated sugar value.

If you visit, for example, the page of the folk student Elias at 10 o’clock in the morning, you will see Elias in the class with the corresponding sugar value of 10 o’clock.


But not only on the website you will be informed about the current sugar levels. Our Facebook ads change every hour. Moreover, we have defined three personas, which we address with different Facebook ads and lead to the landing page of the respective persona.

Naturally, content is also tailor-made for the persona on the landing page. Video interviews and video stories clearly demonstrate the benefits of Guardian Connect. This speeds up the customer journey on the website. Within 60 seconds, visitors are well informed about Guardian Connect and can continue their “journey” to the diabetes prescription site closet to their home. We analysis each step of the Guardian Connect Customer Journey on the basis of conversion rates and continuously optimize the campaign.

Incidentally, the entire campaign is titled “Full Control. Full life. “. Because that’s what patients can expect from this product innovation.