deli dip – Best of dipping

deli dip is one of the most popular and fastest growing hummus brands in Austria. The company has its origin in the kitchen of Fanny Schreiber. Together with Hannes Winkelbauer she founded deli dip. In her kitchen she prepared a healthy school snack in the form of hummus for her children. At the same time, she served her hummus specialties when friends came to visit. Everybody loved to dip vegetables or crackers with her hummus.

Nothing has changed to this day. deli dip is the hummus you love to share with family and friends. True to the motto “Together it tastes best“.

This sentiment can also be found in communication. Dipping always needs two in the twofold sense of the word: On the one hand, it tastes best with friends or family, on the other hand you need deli dip hummus and ingredients such as fresh vegetables, chicken strips or crackers.

This idea we illustrate in our campaigns for deli dip. On the 8-sheet posters, flyers and Facebook postings two different halves of the picture are combined to form a whole. So we show events such as dipping while watching a football game, dipping at a party or ingredients with which you can dip.