deli dip – 20 Social Media Videos to dip into

Recipes are among the most popular content on the world wide web. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other platforms, this content is enormously popular and generates above-average engagement. Besides recipes videos are the most engaging content.

For our Client deli dip – one of the most popular Hummus brands in Austria – we developed a video strategy that helps the brand to connect to different target communities. In just three days we produced 22 videos about deli dip recipes and occasion suggestions such as children’s birthday, football night with friends, Easter gatherings or barbecue. Each videos has 3 different lengths (45sec, 15sec, 7sec) for the best conversion rate on social media.

Each video is aimed at a specific community. In the first phase, we community tested all 22 videos to find out which content is perceived the best and generated the most traffic to the deli dip website. In the second phase, we used the videos that achieved the highest engagement.

To create a sales focused customer journey, we bring visitors to a blog article on the deli dip website, which prompts the user to buy deli dip at BILLA or MERKUR.