In recent years deli dip has developed from a start-up to one of the most popular and successful Hummus brands in Austria.

Especially for the young target group deli dip is enormously popular. We were also able to significantly increase brand awareness in this group with a small advertising budget. A very important reason for this is our content strategy with the associated Facebook advertising campaign, which we have implemented consistently for the last two years.

We have produced an average of 20 short videos per year featuring recipes with deli dip hummus as well as useful suggestions on which occasions where deli dip’s range of dips fit very well. The core communication point of the brand is always that deli dip is always best when it is shared. As such, deli dip the brand that brings family and friends together.

Christmas, the most popular family dinner, is also a very important eating occasion for deli dip. For this reason, we produced a series of videos for the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, showing how deli dip can add enjoyment to these festive days of togetherness.


Kunde: deli dip   •   Regie: Thomas Schmid   •   Kamera: Patrick Tichy   •   Schnitt: Patrick Tichy