Patrick Tichy

Head of Content

"So if you do not know where Hull is, it does not matter. I tell you: It's a place in England near Leeds. There I was born. I grew up in Salzburg. And from there I'm back to England. Not to Hull, but to London. I attended the University of Westminster and quickly learned what it means as a young photographer and Cameraman to work in this city. In addition to creativity, flexibility and professionalism are required. And before I knew it, I dived into the British music world and worked with stars like Fat Boy Slim or the Chemical Brothers. I made dubbing and music videos. Then I worked as producer and director for TV stations like Sky, Bravo and Sony. For American Express, Coca-Cola or Porsche I produced advertising films. Nowadays, having such a diverse background in all forms of content production is neccessary to meet Client communictaion needs."

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